Cultural Day 05

Millar Memorial Flute Band Cultural Day

Saturday 5th March 2005, Spectrum Centre Shankill Road

The day was designed to promote the cultural music within Ulster and to raise awareness on the Ulster Scot’s.

The program consisted of a talk on Ulster Scots as well as performance from Blood & Thunder, Melody & Accordion bands, Lambeg Drummers & Scottish Dancers.

The day started of with a performance from Shankill Lambeg Drumming Club, who give a good traditional Lambeg drumming. It was also pleasing to see such a young person partaking in this event.  Clifford Smyth then gave a 5 minute talk on the Scottish Tartan explaining were it came from & its history. Up next was the Pride of the Raven flute band who started the musical performance of the day with the tune Killaloe, this band played extremely well with a mixture of marches and jigs. After this flute band, the Albertbridge Accordion conducted by Freddie Johnston put on a good show with 11 accordion players & drummers again playing a mixture of melody marches & jigs.

 The Citadel Scottish Country Dancers then took to the stage, 12 young girls aged between 3 – 11 year old put on an excellent performance of Scottish country dancing this was well enjoyed by the audience who cheered and clapped the young performers. Next to the stage was the Ballymacarrett Defenders again conducted by Freddie Johnston, a band of 10 flautists & 4 drummers put on a good performance playing a mixture of melody marches & jigs. Their drummers stick lifting to various marches being played. Also their Drum Major Craig McAllister put an excellent display of flourishing the mace through the tunes of Light of Foot & Vendetta.

The Lord Carson Memorial accordion band then entertained the crowd with a good performance from playing their traditional blood & thunder with 7 accordion players & 3 drums. Up next was the local band the Shankill Road Defenders consisting of 10 flautists & 4 drummers. The defenders put on good performance starting of with Dolly’s Brae & playing a mixture of melody & jigs with their Drum core stick lifting to various melody tunes.

Another local band, The Sons of Ulster, then took to the stage with the band marching in & marking time until the whole band of 9 drummers & 16 flautists formed up. After this their drum core put on a great drum solo before going into their first tune. The band itself played a traditional mixture of jigs & traditional orange tunes.  The last band to take to the stage was the Pride of Lagan Valley who played a mixture of Ulster tunes & jigs. The band of 4 drummers & 11 flautists ended the show by playing the National Anthem with the audience joining in by singing the National Anthem.

The day itself was well supported by the public & bands, a total of approximately 300 people attended through out the day, with people in the audience from as far as Canada, Glasgow & Londonderry.

The Officers & Members of the Millar Memorial Flute Band would like to thank all the performers on the day who all put on an excellent display & helped us to achieve a program that aims to promote the cultural music within Ulster & to the public for coming out & supporting this event. A big thank you has to go to Reggie Spencer the Assistant Manager of the Spectrum Centre for his continued support in organizing the event with the band & on the day for making the event go well & also to his staff.