So despite ranting in an earlier post about how much the US election has been dominating the airwaves, I’m going to add to it myself. The results have been in for a while now and it seems the dust is going to keep flying for some time, and with no surprises. From a population of over 300 million people, the American electorate first narrowed it down to two people that I wouldn’t trust to run a lemonade stall, let alone the most powerful country in the world.



Then, doubling down on their stupidity, they elected a TV ‘personality’ to be commander in chief. Donald Trump is a man with no respect for other cultures, other sexes, other religions, or generally other people. He is the ultimate narcissist who ran for the presidency not because he thought he could do some good, but because he wanted to be the most powerful man in the world, no matter what the cost.


And believe me the cost is going to be high. He is already talking about rolling back on the Paris climate accord which maybe one of the last chances to save our planet, and ourselves from destruction.  He talked badly about several countries around the world, not least China and Mexico and is going to make life more difficult in a number of different ways.


I am still in shock that this man rose to power, but I suppose I should not have been surprised. It almost feels like the last days of the Roman Empire when succession of more crazy emperors came to power as the political system had been degraded so much that you had to be ruthless and unprincipled in order to reach the top. Just watch out if Trump learns to play the fiddle. Then it might be time to leave the US.