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Hello everyone, Louisa here again! Welcome back to my News, Media and Publications blog! Wow what a ride Delhi was!! Hope you enjoyed the experiences I shared with you. This time round I thought I would write a general article exploring why I love to travel, my best travel tips, and what resources I use throughout my travels to make my trips that little bit easier, namely travel books! I love travel books. I find the best place to pick up a good travel book for a cheap, affodable bargain is You should check it out if you haven't already.


I’ve always loved learning new things and gaining different experiences which travel offers so abundantly. I guess I have always been scared of stagnating, you know, having kids and getting married too soon before really being able to explore the world and my very place within it. I look at people who have never traveled and they are often in this very position. I mean if they are happy then of course that is all that matters. But I think in order to become the best version of yourself you need to be able to experience things outside of your comfort zone. To meet people from differing cultures in order to open your mind and make you more of a compassionate and understanding person. In America many people come from small tight nit communities with very narrow-minded ideals, travel allows people to break away from these ideals but for those who never do they get caught up in their own little world without considering the bigger picture. It angers me so much when Americans are so anti-immigration because for me, being around people from different cultures is an amazing thing and travel has enabled me to see and appreciate this so much more. The world is ever changing and having the freedom to travel and explore new territories is such a privileged and eye opening opportunity. It is something that we should embrace and cherish; rather than make outsiders feel unwelcome we should encourage them to come to our country, wherever that may be, and learn what we can from one another. So, that is why I am determined to travel as much as I possibly cand hold my arms wide open to whatever the world throws at me! 

My Travels

Apart of me feels that you cannot really embrace travel as you would truly like to if traveling with someone else. Of course meeting new people is an amazing part of the travel experience but I think traveling with someone else for the majority of or indeed entirety of your trip actually stops you from meeting new people. You often get comfortable being around the person you know and can end up closing yourself off to other people. So that is why I have always chosen to travel alone. That being said, in the majority of places I have been I have always met someone I know - whether that be personally or through a friend - as getting to see a place through the eyes of someone who lives there is a completely different experience to that of a typical tourist. I know many people who have been to a place and exclaimed that they hated it. I then ask them where they went and of course they only experienced the obvious tourist places. Personally I want to know where the locals eat, whether that be indigenous or immigrants and I want to gain a sense of how it would feel to live there.

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My Tip

Speak to as many people as you can before you go to a new place and find out if anyone you know or may know lives in the country you plan to visit. Or at least find someone who has lived there previously so the they can give you some tips on places to visit. Failing that, you can often find people or families on the web who are willing to take you in or act as a tour guide because for them meeting a traveler is rewarding for them too. Using google wisely can also help. I find typing in generic things like ‘best places to visit in Thailand’ for example, will bring up a bunch of generic places that everyone visits. Why not try words like ‘hidden’ and ‘secret’ which often unveil unusual and exciting places that you would never have found normally.

Travel blogs

(like mine!) are a great resource for gaining a real incite into someones personal travel experiences. One particular travel blog I like to use is He travels to countries that you wouldn't typically consider and gives a true and ‘normal’ insight into his experiences. YouTube is also another great resource featuring lots of useful travel videos. You really can find so many travel resources on the web aimed at all different types of travellers, covering all of your travel needs. Travel Facebook pages are also a great source of inspiration. You can read more about social media by following this link:


That being said, although it is so easy to hop online and get the information you need these days there is still apart of me that loves a good old fashioned book to read whilst traveling. Its really handy and a great way to pass the time and more often than not you are in the middle of nowhere and cant get wifi! Luckily, these days travel books are vast and varied from those that offer facts and information set out in a typical guide book style to those that offer a storyline interpretation of someone’s travel experiences. There are of course thousands of sites that you can obtain these kinds of books from but personally I would only ever consider a classified ads website with travel books for sale. I mean what is the point of buying brand new books that are just going to get bashed up in your rucksack? Plus I always think it is kind of nice to give a book another lease of life…