The Change in News

Hey everyone, welcome to my news, media and publications blog. I was just watching the news trying to see if there is anything cool to talk about right now when I suddenly realized that how I was getting my news was actually pretty interesting. I found myself combing through Youtube for a news story, which is not only different from how my parents would have gotten their news, but even different to how I got my news only 5 years ago.

I should start off by saying I have not had a TV subscription for over two years now. That means that I have not watched an actual TV news show in longer than 2 years, probably closer to 3 years. When I get my news, I get it from various sources but I get it all from the internet. I go onto Reddit and check the top posts, I see what bizarre stuff got posted onto my facebook feed and then I head over to Youtube. That is where I get a lot of my more serious news stories.

Some reputable newscasters/ TV hosts have shifted their show online, meaning as long as you are subscribed to the official channel. I try to watch ‘Last Week Tonight’ every week when it is posted, and it has definitely helped me stay up to date on what is happened in the world and especially in the United States. Sometimes they even upload the entire episode, meaning you get to watch the whole 30 minute news segment online.

Last week tonight

Do you guys still get your news from the paper or the TV? Let me know how your find out what it happening in the world and I will speak to you again soon.