Hello and welcome loyal readers, to my news media and publications blog. Today, I wanted to talk about the thing that seems to be all the rage at the cinema these days, Super Hero’s and the books that they came from. I love both Superheroes and comic books, and I will admit that sometimes the comic books are better and sometimes the movies are better, but it always starts with a good comic. I went to this website that has cheap used goods for sale and was able to buy a bunch of comics including some of these classics - http://www.used.forsale/. 

Captain America

Since the movie came out in 2011, CAptain America has been appearing all over. I even managed to get a Captain America collectible from the 1990 movie from http://www.used.forsale/captain-america-collectible that I never thought I would be able to find. The Captain America comic books have been going strong for a very, very long time compared to the relatively short film career thus far. His first appearance was in 1941 in Captain America Comics by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. The character has had many changes in the 75 year existence, including becoming Ironman and fighting aliens in the 16th century.


  Captain America Comic Style


I have been enjoying the Spiderman movies ever since Tobey Maguire was a scrawny Peter Parker. My cousin got me into the comics however, and since then the movies have never been able to live up to their source material. Sometimes the comic storylines are just so much better, and even the figures based on the storyline are better. I recently bought some used Spiderman figures online at http://www.used.forsale/spiderman-figure and they are way cooler than any Spideman in the movies.


 Spiderman Comic Art

Green Lantern

When the Green Lantern movie came out, I avoided it like the plague. I eventually watched it last year and wish I would have kept up my avoidance. The Green Lantern comic book series is so good, and has the characters and world to do so much with. Instead the movie was just a shallow attempt to show off Ryan Reynolds. If you read about Green Lantern from the DC comics database he is actually a pretty cool dude and not anywhere near as much as a dick as the movie tried to portray.



Ah, Clark Kent. The dorky reporter who just takes off his glasses and it transformed into a superhero with the strength of ten men. Well, in the movies he just takes his glasses off but the process explained in the comics is a lot more extensive and even included shrinking his spine.Even though there was a good movie where he visited Astronauts on the moon, these movies never lived up to the source material.

 Superman Red Sun outfit

These are my picks for the Super Hero’s who had way better comic books than movies. If you agree with any of my choices or even disagree with them then let me know in the comments section below. Also please check out my last post on generation Y marketing. See you soon!