Nintendo Power Magazine

Hey there everyone, how are you all doing today? Thanks for checking out my News, media and publications blog where I talk about things ranging from e-readers to travel books. Today though, I decided to talk about a magazine. Thanks to some Nintendo Power classified ads online I now have the whole collection! Nintendo Power unfortunately ended a couple years ago, but what a run this iconic magazine had! Laying the brickwork for other video game magazines, Nintendo Power has earned a spot in the Hall of Video game icons.


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Before the Nintendo Power magazine there was the Nintendo Fun Club, which was sent out to members for free. In the middle on 1998 however, Nintendo Fun Club was discontinued after only seven issues. Nintendo Power was intended to take its place, and it did so only one month after the discontinue of Fun Club.  The first issue coincided with the release of Super Mario Bros. 2, and all 3.5 million copies that were printed were either given away to Club Members or sold.


Nintendo Powers Focus

The focus of Nintendo Power has always been mainly game reviews, tips and tricks, strategy guides and previews of upcoming games. Advertisements were strictly Nintendo based originally, and limited to only the first and last pages of the issue, meaning there were no ads to break up the content. In 2005, Nintendo Power received a slight overhaul to the content and became more community driven, with more staff reviews and rumor mill type articles as well. The magazine received more changes soon after, and changed their focus entirely from the tips and tricks that fans were used to into a more revenue based model.


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Nintendo Powers Player Guide

Nintendo Power had originally produced a set of strategy guides called Official Strategy Guides from Nintendo Power. The first was aptly named The Official Nintendo Player's guide and featured guides for dozens NES games. This guide had enemy information and locations, item locations and maps. In 1990 the magazines switched to bi-monthly with every second issue being a Player guide for one game, however this only lasted four articles. Before Nintendo outsourced the production of strategy guides to up and comer Prima.


Nintendo Power Players Guide



As in every sort of publication, Nintendo Power issue were broken down into many sections. Sections included ‘Pulse’ which was formerly ‘Players Pulse’ and served as a sort of Letters to the Editor. ‘Power Up’ or simply ‘News’ as it was known until issue #256 was a multiple page spread detailing news involving games or game developers/publishers. A ‘Download’ section was added in issue #212, first being called ‘Wii Channels’ and detailed upcoming Wii channels as well as Wiiware, Virtual Console and later DSIWare content. The ‘Evaluation Station’ featured reviews of these up and coming downloadable titles. ‘Reviews’ were Nintendo Powers reviews obviously, and famously only gave out a handful of perfect scores.


Nintendo Power Awards

Once called the Nester Awards, the Nintendo Power Awards were the annual awards handed out by Nintendo Power to the best or most memorable games of the past year. The award nominations would come from staff members, however the voting was carried out by fans at Nintendo’s web page after reading the staff nominations in issue. There have been 22 awards, with 2009 being notable as it was the only issue to have two winners for each award, one voted on by the readers and one by the staff.



Nester was created by Nintendo Fun Club president Howard Phillips sometime prior to 1989 to be in his comic strip ‘Howard & Nester’. These comic strips were normally used to advertise new games or other products, often using dream sequences were Nester replaced the game's lead character. Phillips later left the company for Lucasarts( maker of some cool Flipboard) games, and his character was written out of the comic which was retitled ‘Nester’s Adventures’. Nester has even been featured in some video games during his tenure as mascot, and even had his own game(Nester’s Funky Bowling) for the Virtual Boy.


So that is my review of the late Nintendo Power magazine. I hope you guys liked this write up, make sure to pick up a copy online if you did! Also, check out my last post about a Laurence Rees novel.