Media in modern society

The mass media plays a huge role in modern society. Many have argued that people spend more time watching television than in actual human interaction, which decreases brain activity.  The film industry is a billion dollar a year enterprise which says enough, most individuals watch the TV daily to see their favorite programs. As seen through its presentation of the three major variables of race, class, and gender the mass-media has actually contributed to the social problems it covers, it’s like a conspiracy in a way, brain washing people but children more than anything, reinforcing them and the various stereotypes that exist, which in turn creates a vicious cycle in which these problems continue on and on. Being that the news is viewed as “trust worthy” it has a massive influence on people’s lives and things that happen around them.

But then there are times we need the media like world tragedies which is more and more often these days. Saying that whenever I turn the news on its either someone has died or this country has blown up its all depressing, unless you get the complete and utter random information they throw in to fill gaps from time to time, pretty bad start to the day. But the media is everywhere and there is no escaping it the best you can do is watch and pull away the pieces that are “believable” and put together your own story. As far as I know the media was a lot more honest back in the day, if you go to a 3rd world country now and get a newspaper you won’t see lies or useless information, you get the hardcore blunt truth which I have a lot of respect for. It is their job as a journalist to provide the correct information, not some jumbled up paragraph.