Focusing On Generation Y Marketing

How do you get the attention of today’s generation? Many people don’t know how to work through what generation Y wants, and yet they are a big demographic that you’ll want to push your message to. If you’re going to gain the upper hand in marketing today, you’ll need to know how to reach them where they are, and how they will respond. If you want to go that route, consider the following few tips that are going to help you not only build a following, but will give you engagement with generation Y today.

Work With Authoritative Content Marketing

The first thing that you should do is simple, make authentic content that is not pretentious. That may sound difficult, but generation Y marketing focuses on the “real”. Focus on real things and make sure that your writing, photographs, videos, and more reflect honesty. The more honest you are with what you’re promoting, the better you are going to reach generation Y. They constantly look for authenticity, and they know how to sniff out marketing speech, so you have to figure out how to be sincere in whatever you’re doing, or you will not make gains.

Don’t Go Traditional

The big mistake that marketers make when it comes to promoting things to millennials is that they work with outbound marketing channels. Nearly 90% of this generation doesn’t like traditional advertising means, which is what a lot of companies do. If you want to target this age group, you will need to focus on something that isn’t full of branding, and isn’t in the “traditional” arena of marketing. The further away you get from that, the better your overall reach and engagement is going to become.

Give Things Away Without Pretense

If you’re going to gain the upper hand in generation Y marketing, you’ll need to look into giving something away. The biggest successes in business marketing to young people has been with giving something away. Whether you look into sports, food, or even automotive advertising, you’ll find that companies small and large gave away something to get their following. If you give people an educational freebie, you’ll find that the response will be very large.

Collaborate With Gen Y Influencers

One of the best things that you can do in regards to marketing is simple, collaborate with those that are influential in the market you’re trying to get into. If you want to get in front of Gen Y, pay for influencers to give you positive notes to them. Paying for influence is one way to guarantee that you’re going to get attention in any industry.

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