Auschwitz- The Nazis & The Final Solution by Laurence Rees is not exactly bed time reading. However, it is part of our history and I felt needed to be read. The horrific acts from human to fellow humans I believe make us the worst animals on the planet. In Auschwitz camp alone there were over 1 million people tortured and murdered by the Nazi German regime. These people were mostly Polish Jews but included people from all over Europe, who were disabled or gypsies or for any reason didn’t fit the Nazi ideal.

The book tells the story of how 1.1 million men, women and children were brutally murdered at the camp under the orders of Rudolf Hoess, a Nazi commandant. Hoess could not see anything wrong in what he was doing as he was following orders from Himmler, who in turn reported directly the Adolf Hitler. The book also claims that the European and US militaries were aware what was happening at Auschwitz but were far more concerned with events in Western Europe. Saving the rest of Europe from Nazi occupation was their priority.

Following reading this book it will give you a better understanding as to why the Russians were so extreme in their response once the Germans started to retreat from the Russian front. The Russian Red Army had nearly 6 million officers taken prisoner by Himmler, of which over 3 million lost their lives whilst in captivity.

Reading this book today will always make you focus on why? How could anyone human do this to other humans? It puts a very cruel and dark reflection on German and Nazi Germany history between 1939-45. It is a well written and researched piece of history. A tale of desperation, a small number of heroes who escaped and helped others escape. A dark  piece of human history not to be forgotten, but hopefully never repeated. It is beyond our understanding and reasoning.


Auschwitz laurence rees